Our advanced technologies and exclusive NASA Zero-Gravity Technology Platform take your product formulations to the next level.


When you think of NASA, you typically think of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the Space Shuttle or even the upcoming mission to Mars. However, space travel involves overcoming many obstacles – including the health and nutrition of astronauts. Much of the innovation used to overcome the many obstacles of space travel has generated great benefit to our lives back here on Earth. Through our relationship with NASA, we have focused on technology that addresses negative effects on the skin, such as loss of collagen, decreased elasticity, thinning skin, even slower healing of wounds and burns.


A revolutionary process that employs NASA technology to replicate certain plant mechanisms in a zero-gravity, three-dimensional environment to extract and preserve essential plant metabolites. The end results are biomimetic botanicals with richer levels of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids and phenolics, essential in aiding skin rejuvenation and in creating more therapeutic, dermatological products.


NASA scientists have created a paradigm shift in the world of stem cell science, making others virtually obsolete. This major break-through employs the zero-gravity bio-reactor to closely mimic how cells grow 3-dimensionally in the body, resulting in more potent, faster replicating cells and a biomimetic suspension rich in growth factors and cytokines. This technology has been studied on several space missions, providing major medical and dermatological breakthroughs, and earned a place in the Space Technology Hall of Fame.


Geologists report that other than Mars, there is only one place in this world to find it this very special, hydrothermal mineral complex – and we have it! This unique mineral deposit has been awarded patents for its health properties and is now delivering nourishing and calming skin benefits in skin formulations ranging from cleansers to masks to creams and serums.


Our skin is naturally acidic, with a pH ranging from 4.5 to 5.4. However, traditional cream emulsifiers can disrupt the pH, interfere with the skins healing mechanisms and even damage the protective lipid barrier, effecting trans-epidermal water loss and the overall benefits of a product. SMARTCore® science is a game changer by self-adjusting to each individual, mimicking the structure of the skin and promoting skin homeostasis, enhancing delivery and performance of key ingredients.


As we age, our skin’s natural ability to process oxygen for the health and regeneration of collagen and elastin diminishes. By infusing natural oils with oxygen in the presence of a magnetic field, using Nikola Tesla’s patented process, we are able to transform the structure, clarifying and enhancing the beneficial properties. This allows the natural, oxygenated oils to work harder, nourishing the epidermis and visibly reminding the skin how to look and act young.

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